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We at IELTS partners are the answer to your needs. We can help you get the band scores you need to pursue your work, study or migration needs. Save yourself from the hassle of exams pressure and anxiety. Have you tried the exams to no avail? We are here for you. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals around the world which makes our service available everywhere. The certificates we offer are genuine and the same as those gotten by candidates who sat for their exams. Get in touch with us today and choose the scores you need. Our services include; buy IELTS certificate without exams, update your IELTS band scores to more desired scores, track your scores of recently written exam, buy IELTS questions and answers of upcoming exams.

BUY IELTS certificate without exams

Buy IELTS certificate without exams

With this service, you can buy your IELTS certificate without having to sit for any exams. A lot of people need the certificate but either don’t have enough time to study or have tried several times to no avail. with us you are guaranteed to get the certificates with the band scores of your choosing. 

update past band scores

Increase IELTS band scores

A lot of candidates desire a particular band score to pursue their work and study goals, but they took the IELTS exam and had lower band scores than they needed. We can update your low band scores to the scores you need and help you continue your journey. 

track band scores during exam

Track IELTS band scores

Did you already register for your IELTS exam but you don’t feel confident about passing the exams?  You can use this service to get the scores you need. You can appear for the test and write but we will update your scores in the background.

buy IELTS questions for upcoming exams

Buy IELTS exam questions

We provide genuine IELTS exam questions for upcoming exams. with these questions, you can revise them and go in for the exam with confidence. All questions will appear word for word in your exams.

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“Great service. I finally got the scores i needed to travel to Canada. Thanks so much.”

Areej Radita
overall score 7.5

“I had my certificate done within 5 days. Good service”

Manpreet Patel
overall score 6.0

“I’m glad I came to this website. I now have what I need for my studies in Astralia. thanks”

Jason kumar
overall score 8.0

“I had the perfect score thanks to you. I recommend you anytime.”

Ayesha Mohamed
overall score 9.0

“I can’t stop smiling. I just received my certificate.

Lily Gomez
overall score 7.0

“I had my doubts but I was wrong. Thanks for the good work on my certificate.”

overall score 8.5


Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is made up of experienced professionals around the world. With their help your certificate or exam questions are guaranteed to come from official sources. We have delivered certificates to over 15000 candidates and we have proof of some of our work on the website. Be rest assured our services are the best.

All certificates we deliver are 100% genuine because they are the same as those of students who sat for the exams. Our partners at the right places make this possible.

The questions we deliver are exactly what you will encounter during your exam. We deliver the questions based on the dates to be written. Our question pack contains all 4 modules(speaking, writing, listening and reading).

Because the certificates are genuine, you should have no fears about using your certificate because it’s an official certificate gotten through our team members at IDP and British council.

Yes they can be verified online. After the certificate is delivered to your address, we will send the login credentials, you can verify the authenticity of the certificate on the respective British council and IDP official websites.

We have over 100 partners around the world in strategic positions at British council and idp. And that makes it possible to get everything you need from us.

In that case we will just track your scores during the exam and give the band scores you request.

You can order through WhatsApp or send us an email. We will send you a form with all the required information for you to provide. Once provided, you will proceed to payment and once payment is confirmed then work on your certificate will commence.
For safety reasons, at least 75% of your total amount must be paid to commence work on your certifcate. Once the certificate is complete we will mail it to your home adress and send you the login credentials to check your results online then you can complete the remaining 25% payment.

After you pay for your certificate, it takes 5-7 days to be delivered to your home address.

All certificates are valid for 2 years. 

Our services are 100% guaranteed but in case of any complications, you get all your money back.

All information from our candidates are strictly confidential and we don’t disclose any information without the candidate’s approval.


Buy IELTS certificate without exams

Contact us through Whatsapp and we will get back to you immediately. We have 24/7 standby personnel. 

Or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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